Why PrintPoint?

Choosing a printshop management information system (MIS) can seem an overwhelming task. Over the past ten years, nearly half of all the existing systems have disappeared. Some have gone out of business, while others have been purchased by "conglomerates" and discontinued or rebranded. So how do you choose...and more importantly, why choose PrintPoint?


As early as our first release in 1992, PrintPoint was one of the first printshop management systems to actually use “advanced graphical environments” to show the cutout and layout of a job. Several years later, our competitors followed and now it is standard for most applications. Our “single screen estimating” was the first of its kind and continues today to be as true to that vision as possible. With PrintPoint 6.5, we’ve added Time Based Estimating, a new release of our Visual Scheduling Job Board version 2.0, a Web2Print Storefront, bi-directional links with Pressero Storefronts, enhanced CRM capablilities including a new Request For Quote Module. Our appearance (Graphic User Interface), has been completely modernized using the best available technologies from both the Windows and Macintosh platforms as well as products built using SVG.

We link to both Quickbooks and AccountEdge on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.


We’ve been around since 1992 and have maintained an excellent reputation within the community. Always known as a friendly competitor, we have never tried to put down others in an effort to build ourselves up. We stand on our own merits and strengths.

Cross Platform

PrintPoint runs smoothly on both Windows and Macintosh platforms and has done so since 1995. PrintPoint does not require any special software from Microsoft or Apple to perform its multi-user technology...it has its own built in server software based on the very sophisticated 4D SQL v12 database engine that can run on any standard Mac or PC computer.

Safe and Secure

We’ve never lost a database yet. For over 20 years, not a single customer has ever lost a data file to corruption. The 4D database engine has been safe and secure since day one. PrintPoint 6 is now based on an even stronger and more robust version called “v12”. This SQL based database can only be accessed by those with permissions and runs completely within your own network over private ports.

Plays Nice With Others

PrintPoint has great ODBC (Open Database Compliance) functionality and is based on industry standard SQL database technology. Additionally, all tables allow import and export of information to tab delimited or comma separated value file formats.

Database Technology

PrintPoint runs on the 4D database platform. From 4D’s web site: “4D is an integrated development platform – a single product comprised of the components you need to create and distribute professional applications. You get a graphical design environment, SQL database, a programming language, integrated PHP execution, HTTP server, application server, executable generator, and much more. 4D offers multi-platform development and deployment, meaning whatever you create on a Mac can be used on Windows, and vice-versa.”



PrintPoint was among the first programs to include a built-in report generator called “SuperReport”. Using this technology and many others like it, PrintPoint allows the user to customize printed forms such as estimates, quotes, invoices, purchase orders, job tickets and more. PrintPoint also allows users to choose and customize the languages and terminology to fit their shop. Users can also edit all their own lists and views of information to suit their personal preferences.

Does size matter?

YES. But size does not mean bigger is better...it means that the right size is the right fit. PrintPoint is the “Goldilocks” of the printshop MIS world. We’re not too big and we’re not too small. We have customers running single user versions of PrintPoint with annual revenues under $1,000,000 a year all the way up to installations of 35 users and annual revenues of over $10,000,000 a year.


Most new PrintPoint customers begin with a system that suits their needs on the day they purchase. However, within a year or so, productivity using the application has risen and more users are needed. PrintPoint makes it easy to head to our web site and order additional users and modules without having to change software. In less than 30 minutes, you can move from a 2 user system to a 30 user system by simply purchasing new licenses and moving copies of the client folders to other computers. No special configuration is required.


If your software support docs or web site still refers to “floppy disk” transfers...maybe it’s time to think about another MIS package. The bar is always being raised and it’s the job of your MIS company to try to listen to the needs of its users and build the software to stay current with industry changes and computer OS changes. At PrintPoint, we try to build in the needed features as soon as we can while still maintaining product stability.