What's New In PrintPoint 6.5

PrintPoint 6.5 brings over 50 new enhancements to the application. Here's a brief list of what we've been busy working on.

From new or enhanced modules, to updates, to bug fixes...we've been busy!


User Interface

  • PrintPoint now remembers the last opened position of most forms
  • List Views have a new Auto Fit button to resize columns to fit content
  • Invoice Entry Screen updated
  • Cosmetic Redesign on many forms and entry screens
  • 25+ New User Display Preferences
  • Auto-Refresh of Job List View

Visual Scheduler 2

The Visual Scheduling Board has been updated to include many new features and speed improvements. Due dates, ink colors and coatings, and scheduling status are visible at a glance. Links to the job and the activity itself are color coded.

  • Direct Links to Job from Board
  • Up to 5x Faster
  • Enhanced Auto-Scheduling
  • Enhanced Rescheduling
  • New Move To Date Functionality
  • Schedule Presses by Ink & Coating
  • Event-by-Event Due Date, Status, and Stations
  • 25+ New User Display Preferences
  • Board Locking

Click here for more information about Visual Scheduling Board 2.0

RFQ - Request for Quote

  • Receives customer quote information via Web page or Email
  • Notifications via PrintPoint's Internal Messaging system
  • Track your first contact
  • Track each communications
  • Enter follow-up dates that link to PrintPoint's CRM Calendar Module
  • Close the sale!

Click here for more information about RFQ - Request For Quote

SuperReport 3

  • Complete rewrite in XML format
  • Compatible with all SRP version 2 reports
  • New section control
  • New text controls including:
    • Rotation
    • Line Spacing
    • Background/Foreground Colors
  • New Image Import Control
  • New XML Styles

Click here for more information about SuperReport 3


All your production graphics and proofs can now be attached to Estimates, Jobs and Product Orders. Stored on a common server, all users (with permission) can have access to actual Job files for production or historical reference.

Estimating & Quotes

  • Updated Advanced Graphical Drawing Environments for All Estimating Modules
  • AutoStart Wizard has New Search Box to refine list of Templates
  • Enhancements to the Digital Module
  • Enhancements to the Large Format Module
  • Enhancements Large Format Module
    • Double-sided Pricing
    • Pricing Matrices
    • Round Up Feet Option
  • Pricing Matrices for Digital Devices can now be shared between devices
  • Pricing for ratings in a matrix can be based on the costs or prices in another rating
  • Tracking of the copies/min of a device so it can be slowed down for specific papers and use the pricing matrix to adjust the price accordingly
  • More Command/Control Modifier options to clear out items in Bindery
  • New Preference Allows Bindery Items to be hidden on Quotes
  • New Selector In Letter Quotes to use different Customized Letters
  • Auto Ink Percentage on selected Ink for ALL inks, not just process.
  • Prepress Items can be set to Automatically show on all new estimates.

Paper Inventory Management

  • Paper Inventory Management has been completely re-written to track all movements
  • Paper entry form now shows all Inventory Movements for the Paper
  • New daily alerts of Papers that have fallen below their re-order level


  • Invoicing by unit as well job
  • List of available jobs now appears even for existing invoices if they are not marked as paid, exported or voided

Web To Print

  • Complete Bi-Directional Communication and Control between PrintPoint and PrintPoint Web2Print Storefronts
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Product Management
  • Users and Permissions
  • Groups and Categories
  • Multiple Shipping Locations
  • Messaging
  • Rich, interactive controls
  • Integration with Pressero Storefronts

Click here for more information about Web2Print


  • Emailing can now use SMTP over SSL for greater security
  • Enhancements to Quickbooks communications
  • Virtual Structure Autosaves To Server in Client/Server Mode
  • New Modifier Key Options to Clean up "Invisible List Items" in List Editor