SuperReport 3.0


Version 3 is a full rewrite, fully compatible with the current Unicode and XML standards.

Multiple Undos
Edit menu Undo is available to a number of actions up to 1024

Adjust Object Size by Style
A new menu item Object -> Adjust Object Size by Style computes an object's height according to the style specified for that object

Count Pages
A count pages option (SRP_Report_CountPages) has been added, so now you can use "Page 1 of 9" for example

Dynamic Text
Text objects can use "<% [+] [=] variable [ ; format ] %>"

Group object
Objects can now be grouped together by selecting them and clicking on the Group Object tool in the toolbar

HTML Export
The HTML export has been improved

Multiple headers/footers
A multiple headers/footers option has been added (first page/second + pages/last page)

Native drawing of Text
SuperReport Pro uses CoreText on Mac and GDI+ on Windows

Multi-style (attributed) text
SuperReport Pro v3 supports the multi-styled text feature of 4D v12/v13

Object Properties
Objects have new properties - name, id - which can be used in XML/HTML exports

Scripts now support flow control structures (If, Case of...), and are stored tokenized, thus eliminating problems between various localized 4D versions (e.g. English version will run a French SuperReport Pro document no matter the command names)

Table object
A new object has been added to create tables within your report

SuperReport Pro supports Unicode for display and data entry

Watermark section
The watermark will be printed on every page, either underneath or on top of all other printing

A SuperReport Pro area's settings can be saved as XML into a variable or field


Under Construction