Visual Scheduling Board Version 2

New Version!

The Visual Scheduling Board has been updated to include many new features and speed improvements. Due dates, ink colors and coatings, and scheduling status are visible at a glance. Links to the job and the activity itself are color coded.

  • Direct Links to Job from Board
  • Up to 5x Faster
  • Enhanced Auto-Scheduling
  • Enhanced Rescheduling
  • New Move To Date Functionality
  • Schedule Presses by Ink & Coating
  • Event-by-Event Due Date, Status, and Stations
  • 25+ New User Display Preferences
  • Board Locking

NEW! Direct Job Link, Colorize Current Time, Colorize Nonworking Hours, Colorize Due Date and Time, Ink Colors and Coatings:


NEW! Inline Ink Scheduling, Due Date Indicators, Scheduling Status:


NEW! Right mouse (or Control Mouse on Mac) for many functions:

  • Modify Job
  • Modify Activity
  • Set Scheduling Status
  • Set Activity Color
  • Reschedule


NEW! Locking & Refresh Functions


NEW! User Based Preferences