RFQ (Request For Quote)

How do you handle Request for Quotes? Post-it notes? Emails scattered on multiple machines? Scraps of paper?


PrintPoint's new RFQ Module allows you to:

  • Track your first contact
  • Track each communications
  • Enter follow-up dates that link to PrintPoint's CRM Calendar Module.
  • Close the sale! 

RFQ Entry Screen

We supply you with source code for your web site that allows your users to log onto your "Request a Quote" page and enter information about the job they need you to print. You will be notified via PrintPoint's internal Messaging system that will automatically process all the contact and job information for you to begin a clear and concise audit trail about every Request for Quote you receive.


You can forward request sent to you via email to a sales address setup to receive these RFQ's and the process is the same.