Here's just a sampling of our customers from around the world and some of the things they have to say about us.

Aiken Printing Co.

We have been using the newest data collection software for the past few months and have discovered it has more useful features and is more user friendly than our old software. Even people with very little computer experience have easily adapted to it. The reports are very easy to read and give us all the information we are looking for.

Mike Rippberger
Aiken Printing - Albuquerque, NM

Hi Guys,

I was just cranking out estimates, making some reports and generallyspeeding along through what may be our busiest November ever. Couldn't do it without Printpoint, plain and simple. I'd be going crazy ifwe had anything else. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate this softwareinside and out. 

Andrew  11/15/2013


Our Printpoint 6 update this Spring is a huge step forward: The interface is fast and intuitive, the information is now even more accessible and the functions fit into the pace of my estimating and job-creation activities. It has made a very positive impact on my daily workload and scheduling.

I have to write again, this time with gratitude and commendations for the INCREDIBLE search feature in each window. I think over the course of any week I'm going to start seeing hours of time saved.

Andrew Dieckman

What first attracted me to Printpoint was the single window estimate page; this is very convenient. We have been using Printpoint for more than 16 years now and I'm very happy.

The best part is the customer support! Phone calls and emails are answered promptly and 90% of all questions are answered right away. Even complicated inquiries are handled in an hour or two at most.

Gary Dieckman

Elmsford, NY

Bears Printing & Bindery

PrintPoint was my first estimating system and I've been using it for the past twelve years. I've looked at other systems but none can compare in quality or price. Customer Service is GREAT!

Alex Hinkle

Ben Franklin Printers

  I would like to express my thanks to Morrie, Jesse, Randy and company for continually updating and revising PrintPoint to keep up with the times. I have been a faithful user since 1998 and they have made PrintPoint a necessary tool to grow my business with. Whenever I give them the call with what I see as needed changes or just for phone support, they are always there. When there are changes in software that I would like to see they are willing to listen and see if they can incorporate my needs and others in the next version. I believe 1 of those version if I’m not mistake was named the Ben Franklin version.

Thank you for being there with your phone support when ever needed.

Marc Pinsonneault

Upon start-up of our small print shop, we looked at different options for print-quoting software. Cost was a concern for us and we decided to go with a product based entirely too much on cost. As is so often the case, soon we were looking for a better solution. Thankfully during our research, we came in contact with PrintPoint. I can honestly say, switching to PrintPoint is one of the best decisions I have made for our company. Not only is the product robust, thorough, and easy to learn, it is backed by support that has never let us down. It is refreshing to do business with a company that offers you exactly what you need at a price that is below the value of the product!

Lonnie Yoder


Starnet has known PrintPoint and Morrie Brown for over a decade. Recently, in our current implementation of the software, we've been using PrintPoint's We2Print Storefront for one of our really large customers. The system has been extremely robust and allowed us to bill over $3,500,000 in the past 18 months. We couldn't be more pleased!

Scott Brink


Berea Printing

Thank you for your continued support. We have now been using PrintPoint for over 12 years. It is amazing what an impact it has had on our business.

Jeff Berea
Berea Printing - OH

When we were looking to join with an MIS provider, our top requirements were for accurate, proven estimating system that was scalable, integrated, cross-platform, and affordable. PrintPoint was (and IS) a logical choice.
PrintPoint is a company that has treated us well over that past few years. The product has a lot of depth. Support is top notch, the developers are responsive, and they are active in developing new (and improved) features. They listen and understand your situation(s), and make every effort to make the system work for YOU.

Mike Caufman

Eagle Printery

Eagle Printery Inc. has been a PrintPoint user since 1995 and have been impressed with the excellent technical support that has been extended to us over the years.  PrintPoint is an essential tool for the print manufacturing industry that offers everything from estimating to shipping your product.  We are and always will be fans of PrintPoint!

Cindy Coulter

Butler, PA

Illinois State University

Printing estimating has always been an important part of our Graphic Communications degree program curriculum at Illinois State University. We teach estimating fundamentals with paper and pencil and then move to PrintPoint for the Management Information System (MIS) portion of the course. I've been teaching with PrintPoint for over 10 years and have found it to be a very full-featured MIS for print production, but more importantly very intuitive for students who know the basics and are just learning how to customize an printing estimating program. We continue to review other estimating programs but have found PrintPoint best to meet the educational needs of our students.

Dan Wilson

RL Smith Graphics

RL Smith Graphics, Inc. is an eleven year veteran utilizing PrintPoint in our day to day estimating, quoting, job tracking and invoicing. As our services have evolved, PrintPoint’s functionality has enabled us to utilize it to price large format, cut vinyl and vehicle graphic installations. To PrintPoint’s Management team….Keep up the good work!

Ron Smith

Boardman, Ohio

Allan Graphics

Since purchasing PrintPoint in 2000, it has become an integral part of Allan Graphics and has helped me grow my business. With extremely fast and accurate estimating I can provide my customers, or potential customers, with quotes within minutes. I use PrintPoint throughout my plant and all my employees find it extremely easy and intuitive to use. After using two other estimating programs during my 35 years in business, I believe PrintPoint to be the most powerful, cost effective solution for printers that want a system to help them have complete control their workflow. I believe my purchase of PrintPoint to be one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Dave Allan
AllanGraphics Ltd.
Kingston, Ontario

Ace Graphics

My company as been working with PrintPoint for over 15 years. During that time, we have trained many employees how to use this software. The PrintPoint interface is incredibly easy to learn. Administrative level adjustments like adding new equipment and rate changes are simple. You can customize reports including calculations, sorts, or searches. The interface also includes the ability to make terminology and language changes throughout the application. Customer service has been remarkable. Working with Morrie Brown and his staff has helped my company grow and run very efficiently..

Rod Kranz
Ace Graphics, Inc.

Colourprint Australia has been using Printpoint since 1997.

The programme has gone from a small system used on a stand alone Mac IIE to a full blown MIS multi-user, multiplatform programme. It has always been easy to use and staff who do not have a lot of printing and estimating experience pick it up very easily.

Over the years the software has developed dramatically with constant regular updates. The programmers are not only willing to listen to users but keen to implement changes that makes the product easier and more valuable to use.

Peter Christensen
ColourPrint - Melbourne, Victoria


We are now running PrintPoint 5 server on an iMac g5. We have clients on MacMinis, g4 laptops and g5 workstations. Still the best thing since sliced bread. Was holding our breath when moving to OS-X with PrintPoint and the program is working better than ever. Love it. Good Job.

Ben Woodworth